We appreciate the opportunity to show you some of the Quarter Horses we have raised . All horses are registered with the AQHA.


Life is not measured by the number of BREATHS we take, but by the MOMENTS that take our breath away. Owning a Quarter Horse will take your breath away! Thank you for your business!

2014 Gelding - Sold - Go Lucky Reb Olena

Paprika's Buckskin Stud

He has been halter trained, tied, and was gelded May 25th. He is a very quick, willing to learn colt.

 ~ Sold - CEDAR BARK OLENA "Elvis"
Thank you, Keith
Dark Palomino Gelding
Very showy, quick on his feet, 2 year old AQHA dark Palomino gelding for sale. 
He has been halter trained, tied, and saddled. 
Ready to train to your liking. 
Solid palomino with snowy white mane and tail.  
He is very quick and will make a great ranch or arena prospect. 
Foundation breeding throughout his background. 

Marygold's New Stud
Mare's Name - Koys Marygold

We had to euthanize this babies mama when he turned three months because Marygold injured her front knee and was in too much discomfort.  She was a tough mare but we had to let her go. This guy has Olena, Doc Bar, Fancy Red Bark, and Senor George on his papers. 

Palomino Gelding
Thank you, Jen!

Paprika's  Palomino Stud 
Mare's Name - Clever Sabrina

This palomino's mama has a great temperament and this guy will have the same.
Snowy white mane and tail with black pigment and eyes make him very showy!

He has been halter trained, tied, and stands for saddling and spraying. 
No buck when first saddled and ready to train to your liking.
Very showy with two white back socks and a star on his forehead, quiet, 2 years old.

Sold, TY, Tina!
Lucy's buckskin stud
Mare's Name - Lucy by RW

Lucy always raises my best colts. Look at her pedigree with Peppy San Badger lines. This little guy was a month later than the other babies but is catching up fast. I have never had a buttermilk buckskin from her so this is exciting.

Star's New Filly
Mare's Name - RSJ Zans Skipa Star

This is the first filly from this mare. She will be a big ranch mare or brood mare with Olena papers.

Hollywood's  Buckskin Filly 
Mare's Name - JST Hollywood Deluxe

This fancy buckskin filly will be an easy trainer and very showy. She is a smart filly with Doc Hollywood style and Lucky Olena thrown in. 

R Poco Wrangler  - Sold

SOLD 2011 Buttermilk Buckskin filly
* Scootter *
Here she is on August 5, 2012 - Beautiful Buttermilk with her black points
Scooter is an unbelievable filly with perfect confirmation and a pretty little head. She has all black points--a beautiful, buttermilk buckskin. She is out of a quiet mare with Sonny Dee Bar and Skipa Star breeding. Cooke County Etc, Tivio Jesse James, and Doc O'Lena on the top side. Take a good look. Scooter is the first gal to meet you when you walk through the pen or pasture. She will be awesome to train. She is halter broke well, ties, backs, stands for spraying, etc.

Sold, TY, Nathan2011 Fancy Bay Gelding
* Taco Sanbadger Olena * 

Taco -- 3 months
Taco has Cooke County Etc, Tivio Jesse James, and Doc O'Lena on the top side. This stud colt's breeding includes Peppy San Badger and Doc O'lena on the dam side, too. He will have speed and the smarts to go with it. He has some strong black points. Pictures show how muscled this guy will be! AQHA registered him as a bay because of the black in his mane and tail but he has the dun look. 

Taco's one month picture.

Taco Sanbadger Olena 2011 Bay Gelding - Sold
Cooke County Etc, Lucky O Lena, Peppy San Badger breeding

This guy is a muscular colt with perfect legs, hind quarters, and coloring. 
He will be a stout gelding with athleticism and cow sense.
Digger -- Bay Stud Colt
Mare's Name -RSJ Zans Skipa Star

Sold, TY, Isack

PEPPY BUENO KID -- Buckskin Stud  - "THE KID"
Look at this "Kids" black points. When you look at my 2 and 3 year old page, you will see a filly named Scooter that looked just like him. I believe his mane and tail will darken and he will be a true buttermilk buckskin.

Peppy's Colt -- 12 hours old
Mare's Name - King Peppy Woman

Sold, TY, Sarah
Dolly's Bay Stud 
Mare's Name - R Rock N Dolly Brez
Dolly always raises a gentle colt with a beautiful baby doll head. Very trainable and shapely colt.

Sold, TY, Eli
Tes's Palomino Stud 
Mare's Name - Ciscos May West

This colt is turning into a very dark palomino with tons of athleticism. Tes's colts have some long legs and this colt will have real height if you are looking for a tall arena gelding!


This baby is catching up fast. His mama is a 1995 model and she ran out of milk early in the fall but look at him now! He has a beautiful gait and will be a great gelding.

Reba's Bay Stud
This is Reba's 15th baby. What a grand old mare!! Gotta love her!!!

Mare's Name - AC Hints Pretty Girl

Sold, TY, Kristina
Peppy's Sorrel Stud 
Mare's Name - King Peppy Woman

Don't overlook this sorrel stud. He will be a good sized gelding and will look fantastic with the two white rear socks!

SENOR OLENA REB - Palomino Stud Colt
* Sold* TY, Richard, Williston, ND
Here is a real solid colt with the Olena breeding but also has Senor George to boot. Take a look at his legs. He will be a dark palomino with straight lines. He was very easy to halterbreak and will make a great riding gelding or sire.

2011 Palomino Gelding 

Frosty-2 year old pic

This little light palomino is a really looker. Cooke County Etc, Tivio Jesse James, and Doc O'Lena on the top side. He has Royal King, Boswell Kid, and Peppy Bueno Bars breeding on his dam side. He is halter broke well, ties, backs, stands for spraying, etc. 

Sold to Ellisa * Frosty*

*Foxy *2011 Chestnut Gelding 
Sold to Ellisa, TY  
2 year old pic

Weanling Picture

Foxy is a chestnut with the best disposition. He will be easy to work into the saddle. Cooke County Etc, Tivio Jesse James, and Doc O'Lena on the top side. Dam's side includes Bill's Rock, Rapid D Or, and McCue. This friendly guy loves people and will be a great riding horse. He is halter broke well, ties, backs, stands for spraying, etc.

Cutter - Cremello Stud 
Cutter is a wonderful stud prospect. This colt has Doc Hollywood right on his papers and he is a Cremello which means he will guarantee palomino colts when he is bred to any chestnut/sorrel. Blue eyes and very showy!

OLENA GO REBEL - Palomino Filly -- Sold, TY, Lynn

Sold to Lynn, Thank You

"Snooky"  2010 Palomino Filly  

Snooky is really developing into a solid Quarter Horse.
She has Doc O'lena breeding on the stud and dam side. Mama is a palomino and Doc is her daddy. She comes from foundation stock with Senor George and Red Cedar Bark. Wow!
Thank you, Lynn

Sold, Thank You, Jim!

Chicky has had all the ground work done and is ready to saddle and ride off.'

2012 Bay Filly by Tejona
Thanks, Wyette 

"Blue" 2005 Bay Roan Mare - Thanks Dan!
Cool Red Hancock
Hancock Bloodlines

Bonnie goes back to Blue Valentine breeding. Her mom is a sweet mare and this filly will be the same. She is now weaned and halter broke. If you are going to own a horse, you might as well own a pretty one.

2011 Bay Roan Filly SOLD *Dixie*

Dixie is a pretty little bay roan filly. She mom goes back to the Roll On Te and Sonny Dee Bar breeding. Beautiful baby doll head. She is now weaned and halter broke.

Sold to Wyette! Skipa Sonny Dee Bar

Cooke Sanbadger Lucy 2010 Buckskin Mare - Sold to Minn. TY, Courtney!

Peppy San Badger, Lucky O Lena, and Cooke County Etc. breeding

Zippo Blackburn Tivi 2010 Dun Stallion - Sold -- TY, Kellie!
Mr. Blackburn Deuce, Docs Kimble Lena, Lucky O Lena, and Cooke County Etc. bloodlines

Little Rock Pistol1 2010 Buckskin Stallion - Sold -- TY, Kellie!
Lucky O Lena, Cooke County Etc., Dee Bar breeding

Little Red JoeQuincy 2010 Red Roan Stallion - Sold -- TY, Terra!
Cooke County Etc, Lucky O Lena and Tes Impression bloodline

"Tejona" 2006 Red Dun Mare 

TY, Jim
Doc QS Tejona Robin
Quixote, Pretty Duce, and Blackburn bloodlines

2010 Grade Gelding for Sale **Cricket***

This friendly guy is out of a grade mare so he isn't registered but take a good look at him. He has that shinny black eye appeal and will make a wonderful riding gelding. He is halter broke, ties, and has been saddled many times. All that is left is some miles on-board. He has a scar on his back leg that left a bump but does not affect him in any way.

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